What is Possible from the Wellness Warrior Program?

  • Less medications and drug-related side effects
  • Vibrant health and energy
  • Restful sleep –> Wake up refreshed
  • Greater mental clarity and less foggy brain
  • Spend less money on medications
  • Lower stress levels
  • Elevated and happier mood
  • Balanced blood sugars and blood pressure
  • Better fitting clothes
  • Look and feel like the best version of yourself

Classes will be held virtually via zoom once a week. Classes are typically 2-2.5 hours long. The day of the week will be determined closer to the start of fall classes.

Space is limited and demand is high. Refunds will not be available. Your payment holds your spot and does not allow for anyone else to sign up once space is filled. If you miss a session you can make it up by coming to that session in a future group.

You will be given a receipt at the end of the program that you can use to file with insurance to seek reimbursement.

Classes will be in group sessions and participation is encouraged.

We will also have guest speakers in addition to the session I cover myself that reinforces and helps cover the material.

The items that will be covered are what I have found every patient needs to start with to determine the root cause of their dis-ease. Up to 80% of all patients will not need further assistance. The small group class design will allow for cost effectiveness for the patient while allowing me to help multiple patients at once. If patients need further assistance then one on one appointments can be made. All one on one appointments will be required to go through the Wellness Warriors program before a one on one appointment will be allowed.

Topics include common root causes to dis-ease, rapid relief from headaches, constipation and sleep woes, toxins, and other wellness promoting topics.

Classes are on break for the summer. Click here to get on the waitlist for fall classes.

“Dr. Deborah didn’t put a bandaid on my symptoms but worked hard to find the root cause of many of my health issues. Thus giving me hope and education on achieving a healthier lifestyle.”

Michelle from Rock Hill

“Love, love the knowledge & skill of Dr. Deborah! It is difficult to find a practitioner that knows and uses pharmaceuticals, natural remedies and lifestyle changes to improve the whole body. I absolutely love her holistic approach to healing the body!”

Tracy from Lake Wylie

“My stomach pain and swelling is gone. I am off of all my allergy medications and now zero sinus problems. I have stopped using creams and herbal supplements for my arthritis pain in my knees. I have started losing weight. I feel better.”

Sharon from Rock Hill

“Dr. Deborah’s recommendations for my headaches resolved them completely.”

Michelle from York