Need Lab Work?

  • Get discounted labs without physician involvement! (Patients have been told that nothing can be done with some values and it is not responsible for the physician to order. This is just not true. All lab markers are telling your unique story and understanding that story is invaluable to your health and wellness).
  • Within Normal Limits (WNL) on a lab test does not mean you are healthy, well, and fantastic. (It just means you are like everyone else. Is everyone else thriving and living a vibrant lifestyle or just barely surviving)? Let this be the gauge of your wellness journey. You do not want to be WNL, YOU WANT TO BE AT OPTIMAL LEVELS!
  • Get only the tests you want!
  • Save money!

Yorkville Pharmacy has partnered with Ulta Lab Tests to offer you this convenient method of obtaining labwork at discounted prices.