Food sensitivities affect more than 100 million people globally.

They contribute greatly to illnesses, ailments, and symptoms such as rashes, digestive disorders, and more. 

It has a huge part to play in inflammation, blocking detoxification, and leading to a dysregulated immune system – and creating new allergies in midlife. 

Food sensitivities and intolerances are not a life sentence and by addressing underlying issues such as toxicity, chronic infections, gastrointestinal health and supporting immune function, we can potentially eliminate and/or minimize many of them. 

However, it is almost impossible to address these underlying issues when we are constantly under siege due to pro-inflammatory reactions in the body day after day.  Only when we can obtain a true picture of what foods are causing us problems and eliminating them temporarily, we can often find great improvement and acceleration of healing. 

KBMO Diagnostics is a CLIA-certified laboratory and fully integrated medical diagnostics company offering Food Sensitivity Testing that measures sensitivities of up to 132 different foods, coloring and additives with the Food Inflammation Test, also known as the FIT Test. 

The FIT Test is a patented, multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity test.  It uses new technology that measures both IgG and Immune Complexes, the most common food-related pathways in the body using an at-home blood test.

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With Your Food Sensitivity Testing You Can Expect

  • An easy and convenient sample collection from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • To be empowered with cutting-edge technology that is comprehensive and scientifically-backed. 
  • Your lab report will not only include lists of foods you should avoid, it also quantifies how seriously your body reacts to each food and food chemical.
  • Identify foods that allow your body to rebuild and regenerate.
  • Create a personalized food plan that includes the best foods for your biochemistry.
  • And so much more!

    Your customized KMBO Food Sensitivities report will allow you to finally get to the bottom of your food issues… for good!

    “I personally lost 20 pounds, eliminated my knee and back pain, and no longer have post-nasal drip and congestion by eliminating foods that I am sensitive to.” – Dr. Deborah

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Here’s How It Works:

Your lab kit will be mailed directly to your home for convenient sample collection.

After you send in your lab work, you will receive a full comprehensive report and customized interpretation, a written plan of my recommendations and video consultation to review it all. You come away with your own personal instruction manual for better health. 

Best of all, you can finally stop guessing what foods are causing you issues so you can enjoy eating again.

This investment in your health is $807 and I’ve created a convenient payment plan to make it even easier. 

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