• Your Puppy Can Make You Very Sick: CDC September 20, 2018
    An outbreak of antibiotic-resistant Campylobacter infections in 2017 and 2018 that sickened 118 people in 18 states was traced to pet store puppies, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Is 100 the New 80? What's It Take to Live Longer? September 20, 2018
    As more and more people live to 100, researchers want to know what separates them from those who live the average, expected 80 years. Of course exercise, a good diet, and other healthy choices key. But studies show genes are pretty important, too. So do you have to win the genetic lottery to live a whole century? Or can science unlock the secret to spreading […]
  • We All Carry a Personal Cloud of Germs, Chemicals September 20, 2018
    In fact, if your personal exposome was visible to the naked eye, the researchers said, you'd look like the "Peanuts" character Pig-Pen.
  • Easing Sleep Apnea May Be Key to Stroke Recovery September 20, 2018
    The investigators found that, among stroke patients, "treatment of sleep apnea with CPAP therapy provides significant benefits, even greater than the benefits of tPA, the FDA-approved drug treatment for stroke," said study lead researcher Dr. Dawn Bravata.
  • Mediterranean Diet May Cut Stroke Risk for Women September 20, 2018
    Women in a new study who followed a Mediterranean diet cut their risk for stroke, but the effect was not the same for men. The reason isn’t quite clear, researchers said.
  • Florence's Lingering Threat: Mold September 20, 2018
    Mold-related illnesses are a serious concern following severe flooding in North and South Carolina, say experts from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.
  • Opioids Driving U.S. Life Expectancy Decline: CDC September 20, 2018
    Babies now can expect to live 78.6 years on average, based on 2016 data that's the most recent, according to NCHS researchers.
  • Gluten in Pregnancy Tied to Baby's Type 1 Diabetes September 20, 2018
    There's already a known link between celiac disease and type 1 diabetes -- approximately 10 percent of people with type 1 diabetes also have celiac disease.
  • 1 in 6 Americans Over 40 Has Been Knocked Out September 19, 2018
    Further, these head injuries are associated with neurological and psychological problems such as depression, sleep disorders, stroke and alcoholism, the researchers found.
  • Medscape Physicians' Choice: Top Hospital Rankings for 2018 September 19, 2018
    Doctors rank their top hospitals in an annual survey by Medscape.