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Struggling to Focus? Try Video Games

by vowcorp

You may know that video games can help kids with ADHD, but growing research suggests they could aid attention and working memory for just about everyone. Source: Medical News

A NY Hospital System Has a Big-Time Chef Making Big Changes

by vowcorp

From the moment you walk into the massive kitchen at Northern Westchester Hospital, you quickly realize that bland, processed food isn’t on the menu for patients at this hospital that’s part of the largest health care system in New York state. Source: Medical News

Fauci Urges Americans 'One Last Time' to Get COVID Shots

by vowcorp

Anthony Fauci, MD, stood at the White House press briefing podium “one last time” as he bid farewell to reporters on Tuesday ahead of stepping down as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases next month. Source: Medical News

Could This Computer Help You Beat Cancer?

by vowcorp

Perhaps overshadowed by the widespread emergence of AI and virtual medicine, quantum computing is quietly poised to transform – down to the last atom – how we attack big problems like cancer and drug development. Source: Medical News