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Fee Schedule for Services Rendered

The following services may be covered by your insurance under CPT codes 99605, 99606, and 99607;

  • Annual Comprehensive Medication Review
  • Subsequent quarterly follow-up visits

It is your duty as the Patient to be informed as to the scope of your coverage.

For patients seeking reimbursement through their insurance Yorkville Pharmacy will provide a completed universal claim form (CMS form 1500) or equivalent per customer’s insurance policy for submission. There is a $10 paperwork processing charge.

Fees for these services will be collected at the time the appointment is made and may not be indicative of the reimbursement rate from insurance providers.

The fee schedule is outlined as below:

  • Comprehensive Medication Review & Quarterly Follow-up Appointments (billed in 1/4 hour increments)
    • 99605 (New patient) = $75 for first 15 minutes of encounter
    • 99606 (Existing patient) = $75 for first 15 minutes of encounter
    • 99607 (Any patient) = $55 for each subsequent 15 minute of encounter