Jerry Dover has been a long time resident of York, SC. He owned a store in NC, but really wanted the people of York to experience good service from an independent pharmacy again. Jerry being close to the retirement age wanted to help someone get started in independent pharmacy. This someone turned out to be Deborah D. Bowers. Having only been out of college 2 years, Deborah was discouraged by her lack of fulfillment in her current position as a pharmacist at a mass merchandiser. Jerry and Deborah did not even know each other before the summer of 2002. Through professional acquaintances, they met and a successful partnership was born. By the pharmacy’s opening Oct. 1, 2002, they had learned a lot about each other. Jerry helped Deborah get started and helped lay the foundation for the pharmacy as it is today. Jerry gave Deborah the courage that was needed to venture out into an unknown world of independent pharmacy and small business ownership. After 3 years, Deborah bought Jerry out and he officially retired. Deborah and her staff continue to strive to offer the best service in York, SC. We have had to adapt to changes in the market place, but being independent we can see the need and change very quickly.